Why customer experience matters

Everyone gets frustrated when they have a bad experience using digital devices. It can range from being a minor niggle, to being so frustrated that you're forced to give up on your task and choose to never use that product, service or brand again. Your customers’ experience is a pure reflection of your brand. The better the experience, the more likely your customers are to complete their task and return to your site in future. (And even better, spread the word about how good it was!) 

What makes a good customer experience?

A positive customer experience is achieved by truly understanding customer needs and honing and streamlining the customer journey to meet those needs. As user experience specialists, we'll look at all customer touch points with a brand or service to understand how the end-to-end experience can be enhanced. 

How can Ribbon help?

Whether it's supporting the launch of a new product or service, or optimising existing experiences, we offer expertise and recommendations to ensure the customer experience on your site is exceptional. We can undertake detailed research to fully understand how your customers experience your brand, highlighting critical pain points that your customers face, as well as identifying areas of opportunity for your business.